Private On-Site Training

Aegis routinely travels to client organizations to deliver in-person training on a contractual basis. As long as minimums are observed, we will maintain your Trainer Certifications, in-house, on an annual basis. This has proven to be an economical option for organizations of a larger scale. 

Aegis System on-site training
A man and a woman standing by eachother and laughing

“As a journalist who covers conflict, I found this training to be extremely helpful. Not just so I can understand what to do in crises, but so I can understand why other people do what they do. The crisis two-step is a smart, evidence-based tool for anyone who works in high stress environments (or lives on planet Earth)”

Amanda Ripley | Investigative Journalist and Author of High Conflict

Reach out to an Aegis Trainer today to get started. Don’t wait to get the access you need to critical safety training.