Aegis Training Solutions, LLC is a nationally recognized crisis intervention training provider focused on Mental and Behavioral Healthcare. Aegis has been widely adopted in hospitals, residential treatment centers, and human service organizations across the country. With headquarters in Southeast Michigan, Aegis is powered by a team with decades of experience in the field. Preventing crisis is our greatest passion.

The Aegis System™ was developed in 2013 as a direct response to unmet demand for a more sophisticated and real-world tested approach to Crisis De-escalation. Our mission is to create a new standard in safety that positively impacts all outcomes related to incident(s) of crisis.

“For the past six years we have seen a decrease in the rate of physical interventions needed and an increase in our verbal de-escalation skills as well as therapeutic intent. With recent and ongoing changes in oversight and legislative best practices, Aegis has been helpful in working with us to navigate those changes.”

Administrator | Eagle Village, MI
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“Having been a trainer for several different crisis intervention programs, I have to say that the Aegis system is so far above others. In terms of training our direct support professionals, it is the easiest system to teach. The staff that I train have, for many years, reported that they love using Aegis. They can remember the physical movements because they are common sense, simple procedures which make the escapes and holds highly effective.”

Training & Compliance Specialist | ViaQuest Residential Services

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