Flexible Training Options to Meet the Needs of Any Organization

Aegis System How We Train

We deliver critical safety training in-person, online, and through blended eLearning options.

A graphic of Aegis Training Solution's blended learning approach
Aegis System Train the Trainer Approach

An Industry-Leading and Affordable Train-the-Trainer (TtT) Program

A primary delivery method for Aegis is our Train-the-Trainer (TtT) model. Trainer Certification empowers key staff members to execute their own trainings and issue staff certifications at their place of employment. This option is typically the most economical. Aegis conducts regular TtT sessions across the country and maintains a presence in each region.

Innovative E-Learning Solutions

E-learning is the other primary delivery method. Aegis provides complete e-learning solutions for our (nonphysical) De-escalation Model. This is the same de-escalation material that would be presented in person by an Aegis Trainer. When seats are purchased off the Aegis website (hosted LMS), each staff member is given their own unique log-in to the online course. Group leaders can track progress, verify completion, and generate reports. 

For larger engagements, Aegis will license various formats of our eCourse to an organization for upload to their own LMS. E-learning may stand alone as full De-escalation Training for all staff or fit into a blended learning offering that complements in-person physical skills training by certified Aegis Trainers.

Our tertiary design allows for custom-like engagement options without jeopardizing the fidelity of The Aegis System™.

Certified Aegis Trainers are empowered to deliver training in any of these various formats.

The De-escalation component is consistent with every client engagement but an organization may choose to use Training with or without any Physical Intervention component. Certified Trainers may elect to certify all staff in Physical Intervention, only select staff, or none, at different hourly formats, depending on the needs of the organization.

With Aegis, You Can Be Confident Your Staff Have the Skills They Need to Maintain Your Safety Climate.

New Trainer Certification

Aegis certifies new Trainers at regularly held TtT sessions across the country. The intention of the Trainer Certification program is to provide an economical and performance-based solution that maintains the fidelity of The Aegis System. Initial Trainer Certification is a three-day commitment. Upon certification, Aegis Trainers are given their own login to access to the Trainer Portal.

Trainer Recertification

Aegis Trainers and certified staff complete their certification on an annual basis. Trainer recertification is a one-day commitment. In most states (Utah and Georgia are exceptions) there is a two-to-three-month buffer for recertification. Aegis maintains a regular presence in each region to facilitate the recertification process. Recertifying Trainers typically join on day three of regularly held Train-the-Trainer sessions. 

Aegis System Trainer Certifications Image
Aegis System Training Resource Portal

Instant Access to a Full Lineup of Supporting Media and Training Materials via the Aegis Trainer Portal

Included within the Trainer Portal are videos, the Aegis Participant Guide, handouts, supporting documents, training supports, and PowerPoint presentations that Trainers use to conduct their own staff training and manage staff certifications. 

Each Trainer is instructed on how to use the portal at their Train-the-Trainer session and will receive their own unique log-in. All of the materials that Aegis Trainers need to execute their own trainings are either in hand within the Aegis Trainer Manual or a few clicks away in the Aegis Trainer Portal. 

There is no additional fee to access the Aegis Trainer Portal or for staff training materials.

Reach out to an Aegis Trainer today to get started. Don’t wait to get the access you need to critical safety training.