“As a journalist who covers impossible conflict, I found this training to be extremely helpful. Not just so I can understand what to do in crises, but so I can understand why other people do what they do. The crisis two-step is a smart, evidence-based tool for anyone who works in high stress environments (or lives on planet Earth).”

Amanda Ripley – Investigative Journalist and Author of High Conflict

“I just wanted to reach out as I did a presentation for the Building Bridges Initiative and one of the elements I focused on was a change in our de-escalation system which from our post-training surveys has found, 100% of our participants report improved confidence in identifying and addressing dysregulation in both themselves and in youth. All of our staff have additionally reported they feel these holds have led to increased safety in the only 7 days we have implemented. Your passion for wanting to see restraints be something very rarely used was also a pivotal thing and comes through clearly in training as there is so much more focus on prevention. As we navigate the intense scrutiny of restraints and our own level of not feeling great about them, it is so refreshing to work with a system who truly embodies the philosophy that restraints are harmful (even when done in the safest way possible) and should be avoided as best as we possibly can.”

Director of Quality and Risk in a Michigan Residential Treatment Facility

“I am one of the staff that attended the Aegis training and found it very useful and easier to remember than [a corporate provider]. I have worked in multiple facilities under different systems and found this to be the most user-friendly. I found the (benevolent) restraints that were part of their system to be much easier to use, less likely to cause injury, and more secure. The de-escalation section of the course was much more thorough than [a corporate provider] and really emphasized prevention.”

Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council Delegate

“Having been a trainer for several different crisis intervention programs, I have to say that the Aegis system is so far above others. In terms of training our direct support professionals, it is the easiest system to teach because the escapes and holds actually make sense. The staff that I train have for many years, reported that they love using the Aegis system because they can remember the physical movements because they are common sense, simple procedures which make the escapes and holds highly effective.”

Debbie Roberts – Training & Compliance Specialist – ViaQuest Residential Services

“For the past six years we have seen a decrease in the rate of physical interventions needed and an increase in our verbal de-escalation skills as well as therapeutic intent and outcome of needed physical safety interventions. With recent and ongoing changes in oversight and legislative best practices, Aegis has been helpful in working with us to navigate those changes.”

Eagle Village, MI

“Aegis has been a wonderful addition to our program. I have trained staff for 11 years in physical intervention and nothing has brought more positive change.”

Field Director, Wilderness Therapy

“Aegis Training is the best. As somebody who has worked in the field for 20+ years…..I insisted that Aegis be the system we use. Nothing compares.”

Program Director, NATSAP Accredited Residential Program

“This is my 3rd-year Re-certifying for Aegis and I learn more each time I attend.”

Clinical Educator from a Top 100 Healthcare Network

“Aegis has significantly improved our unit (psych in-patient) in reducing the incidents of seclusion and decreased incidents of staff/patient injury.”

Senior Nurse Educator

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