De-escalation training that works.

Aegis Training prevents workplace violence by empowering people with de-escalation techniques. Our evidence-based approach has created a new standard in safety across the United States and abroad. The Aegis System™ sets itself apart by providing real-world solutions for acute crisis intervention that are also relevant on a day-to-day basis.

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We have seen a statewide reduction in seclusion/restraint events and injuries to staff and clients since Aegis Go-Live. In fact, we reached an unprecedented ‘0 restraint; 0 Seclusion’ milestone at a Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Athens, Ohio, last month.

Monica L. Schafer, RN, MSN, LCDC III, ICADC
System Chief Nursing Executive
Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Training that prevents the need for physical intervention.

Safety is a mindset that must permeate throughout an entire organization to make a positive impact. Integrating The Aegis System™ will weave this common thread throughout your entire organization.

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A trusted partner in preventing workplace violence.

Implementing a trauma-informed crisis prevention training program like The Aegis System™ is the single most important way to prevent workplace violence.

Critical safety training should be affordable.

With Aegis, there are no hidden fees. Unlike other training providers that charge outrageous prices, we won’t upsell you on workbooks and training materials. Upon certification, each Aegis Trainer receives their own login to the Trainer Portal. This secure, web-based portal contains all of the media and training materials needed to conduct Training at no extra charge.

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Decrease in incidents of restraint

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A uniform approach to crisis

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Our Train-the-Trainer program provides tiered solutions and customizable delivery to meet the needs of different organizations.

Aegis trains leaders who will bring the system to a larger group (Train-the-Trainer) within their organization. The Aegis System™ also provides e-learning and online courses that can stand alone as a complete training solution or blend with in-person learning delivered by certified Aegis Trainers.

Aegis is powered by industry leaders with extensive experience in crisis.

The Aegis team has decades of experience mitigating crisis in a variety of clinical settings. We understand the need for behavior management and crisis intervention training solutions that work.

Aegis Trainers with extensive experiences in crisis


of respondents said that after receiving Aegis training they were completely confident in their ability to intervene in a crisis.


of respondents always attempt de-escalation when there is not an imminent safety threat after receiving Aegis Training.


of respondents said that after implementing The Aegis System™ the number of incidents that required physical intervention decreased.


said that staff attitudes concerning crisis and de-escalation had become more positive after receiving Aegis Training.

De-escalation is everybody’s job.

Safety is a mindset that must permeate throughout an entire organization to positively impact workplace culture. Regardless of a professional’s role, attempting de-escalation is their job. The Aegis System™ weaves this common thread across any human service organization.

Reach out to an Aegis Trainer today to get started. Don’t wait to get the access you need to critical safety training.